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He believes Yona in order to nevertheless be in love with Soo-Won while the she clings toward hairpin

He believes Yona in order to nevertheless be in love with Soo-Won while the she clings toward hairpin

Along with, Hak is really supportive of Yona and can uphold the woman top long lasting they deal with down the road, he’s going to continually be here. In the long run, from inside the section 175, Hak and you can Yona ultimately show a kiss just after he previously saved this lady throughout the Kai castle and you may is actually considerably amazed whenever Yona fundamentally advised him that she was in love that have him since well.

Soo-Obtained [ ]

In earlier times, Soo-Claimed and you will Hak was basically youthfulness family members as well as their thread looked unbreakable. They both known and you can significantly respected brand new other’s results. For that reason, Hak taught vigorously so that he might be someone worthy of becoming a target to own Soo-Won, who aspired are once the solid due to the fact Hak, one-day wanting them to walk on equivalent soil. [6] Hak trusted Soo-Claimed totally, believing that he may log off Yona within his worry, [7]  and you will hidden their attitude into the little princess. The guy also offered to end up being their ‘best hand’ to your position that he and you can Yona someday hitched, promising which he carry out support her or him up to their perishing breathing. The two was basically plus stated to possess increased an excellent falcon called Gulfan along with her. [8] Yet not, the friendship ended the evening Soo-Won killed the brand new Queen. [9]

Such Yona, Soo-Won’s betrayal harm him tough than just about any injury of your human body, but very first, he didn’t externally tell you they to people. Deep inside, the guy seethes which have bloodstream lust and desires Soo-Acquired to cover just what he did in order to Yona and Emperor Il, thinking that it is his job to 1 time destroy your. When Hak saves the brand new little princess from a colony away from snakes immediately following she’d visited come across brand new hairpin, he provides it to her (which have found it prior to), stating that he would never forgive Soo-Claimed. As it gotten so you’re able to Yona the night this new Queen was slain, Hak detests the fresh new hairpin, privately trying to find little even more but so you can smash they. Inside Awa when he finds out Yona sobbing on to the floor immediately following having had an encounter having Soo-Acquired, he reprimands himself thinking he previously become also complacent getting perhaps not focusing on what he considered the real hazard and letting their protect down. Planning on it, the guy glares regarding toward distance, ultimately causing Jae-Ha to touch upon their “sorrowful blood crave.”

Within the chapter 91, Hak succumbs to murderous frustration when he finally arrives face in order to deal with which have Soo-Won after the water tribe arch, fighting anybody who got in the way in his warpath in order to arrive at Soo-Won, perhaps the almost every other dragons. Since the Jae-Ha and you will Kija hold your straight back, Soo-Won with his entourage make rash departure, Hak stressed against the several within his eager need for revenge. The guy regains his sensory faculties whenever Yona matches their give and you will says to him the woman is ok, cold Hak in position as he realizes the latest extent regarding their procedures. Regardless if Hak despises Soo-Claimed, it’s revealed this particular stems from just how much he looked after his former pal and just how he could not fathom you to towards the the afternoon the guy plotted to help you destroy Queen Il the guy offered Yona one hairpin. The guy stated that thereon evening as he spotted Soo-Acquired happy to silence the latest princess, he was strike with the far grief he “considered his center shatter to help you parts.” not, pursuing the event where he loss command over his emotions immediately following he had viewed Full Article Soo-Acquired following betrayal he after realized that the guy must continue his rage under control and ought to remaining wade of the prior such as Yona did.

Emperor Il [ ]

Initially, Hak thinks about Emperor Il because the an effective ‘bubbly’ queen who is a beneficial coward. [10] For the event step three whenever Hak and you will Mundok were attacking, Hak called Emperor ll “his Royal Chubbiness”. not, if emperor averted Tae-Jun away from opening a combat by the getting the fresh blade regarding his sword, Hak reach esteem him and vowed tremendous loyalty so you’re able to your and his awesome members of the family. Once the Emperor Il was their master, he could be shame-impacted for being not able to conserve your of Soo-Claimed, actually proclaiming that he will regret it for the remainder of his lifestyle. [11] Throughout the threats he and you may Yona face, he usually asks Emperor Il to possess his suggestions, as well as the latest emperor never to get Yona out out of your. [12]

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